Repercusión Internacional   

"World Year of Physics in 2005"

"Año Mundial de la Física 2005"

Colegio Oficial de Físicos de España

"O Ano Mundial de Física"

Sociedade Brasileira de Física

"Spacetime in Action: One hundred years of Relativity"

Pavia (Italy) from March 29 to April 2, 2005.

"Einstein in the 21st Century"

APS outreach activities for 2005.

"13th General Meeting of European Physical Society"

Bern, July 11-15, 2005

Special Exhibition, Physics Theme Park, Energy Show

in the Historisches Museum Bern (2005)

Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology - Einstein's Legacy.

International Astrophysics Conference, November 7-11, 2005 , Munich, Germany

Le Siècle d'A. Einstein

Unesco, Paris, juillet 2005

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